Avoid Internet Takedowns with JW Software's Private Cloud

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Initially reported by Reuters, early Tuesday, June 8th, 2021, government, news, and social media websites were hit by an hour-long outage in their AWS environment. The outage linked to a US-based company, Fastly Inc., stating the disruption was from a “service configuration,” not explaining any further. At the beginning of the outage, “nearly 21,000 Reddit users reported issues, while more than 2,000 users reported problems with Amazon, according to Downdetector.com.” Once the issue was discovered, more high-traffic sites like Redditt, Amazon, CNN, PayPal, Spotify, Al Jazeera Media Network and the New York Times were all down for up to an hour.

Benefits of Private Facilities

While public clouds have gained popularity, the private cloud offers more security, control, great disaster recovery options, and supports legacy applications. Private cloud infrastructures are only meant for one customer who owns the hardware and can provide virtual environments to individuals in the organization. In this case, JW Software owns the hardware and can offer that as a scalable solution for our clients.

JW Software supports our clients with top performance, availability, and security standards for the claims and risk management market. Our private security architecture allows each client to have industry security standards with their virtual environments. With our private hosting facility, we have more freedom to schedule upgrades with our clients and coordinate how change management is handled. Additionally, JWS agrees with the statement by Matt Pacheco, that it is important to have good disaster recovery options that are “ideal for applications and workloads that require continuous availability and no downtime.”

Avoid the burden and costs that come with hosting your claims management system on-premise and let FileHandler Enterprise’s Hosted Claims Application is your answer. FileHandler Enterprise is the right solution for your business whether you are a TPA, Self-Insured, Risk Manager, Public Entity, or other business professional processing claims.

Benefits of hosting with JWS:

  • Updates to the software are handled by the JWS IT and Implementation team, ensuring that any security patches and updates are installed immediately. 
  • Cloud-based solutions are designed to ensure maximum up-time (99.99% Guaranteed Up-time) with fast performance.
  • Changing data demands are easily met because of the scalability of cloud storage.
  • Data conversions, custom development, and additional modules can be set up faster with installed solutions.
  • Upgrading software to new versions is seamless. Since at least 1 version of the software is released annually, your system will always be up to date with the current product enhancements.
  • Data is secure and safe because of daily backups, high levels of security at data centers, built-in triple redundancy of data, and hot-site Disaster Recovery.
  • Users can access the software from anywhere with an internet connection, including mobile devices.
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Regulatory and Certifications including Up-time Institute, SSAE 16/18, FISMA, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA HITECH.
  • 24-hour VPN access to your data: access your data instantly to directly query the database.

About JW Software

JW Software was started in 1989, as a software company designed to create custom business applications for small businesses in the St. Louis area. The company found a niche in the insurance industry, specifically Third-Party Administrators who needed Claims Management Software to manage their business needs and launched the claims management software. FileHandler™ has become a trusted software solution in the claims and risk management market for the past 32 years. JW Software is continuing its growth and evolution in 2020 with the launch of FileHandler Enterprise™, the newest claims management solution incorporating the newest technology and security to the system. FileHandler Enterprise™, the flagship claims management software, and PolicyHandler, a complete Workers’ Compensation Policy Management System, have evolved to develop a comprehensive web-based software solution for businesses to effectively manage policies and insurance claims.

Pacheco, Matt, and Lisa Zurn. “Big Benefits of Private Cloud (and How to Take It to The Next Level).” TierPoint, 23 Dec. 2020, www.tierpoint.com/blog/big-benefits-of-private-cloud-and-how-to-take-it-to-the-next-level/.

Patnaik, Subrat. “Websites Back Online after Fastly-Linked Glitch Takes down Internet.” Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo!, 8 June 2021, 5:12 AM, finance.yahoo.com/news/finiancial-times-york-times-bloomberg-101229910.html



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