PolicyHandler Enterprise

PolicyHandler Enterprise is a web-based, complete policy management system for Workers' Compensation administration.

A Comprehensive Policy Management System

This software solution for policy administration is designed to support all phases of the policy lifecycle. PolicyHandler Enterprise's™ capabilities include data-driven rating tools, quoting, automated renewal processes, billing, and optional workflow tools. Our software is up-to-date with the latest policy tools, dashboards, and functionality that companies come to expect from their policy administration software.

Our team at JW Software, Inc. works with a variety of companies including PEO's, Insurance Carriers, Risk Managers, and Third Party Administrators to provide a modern solution to workers' compensation administration. PolicyHandler Enterprise™ is scalable and can be adapted for both large and small companies, no matter the size. In addition to this, the software is designed to work for any market, whether you are an auto shop or a grocery store PolicyHandler Enterprise™ can help you streamline your workers' compensation claims. If you are wondering whether our software is the right fit for your company, contact our experts. We can schedule a free demo and educational session for your team to see our software in action.

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About Our Policy Administration SoftwareWhy Should You Consider PolicyHandler Enterprise™​?

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30+ Years of Experience

Our team at JW Software, Inc. has been delivering modern software solutions for policy administration and claims management for over 30+ years.

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Up-to-Date and User-Friendly

The most recent version of our workers' compensation policy administration system, PolicyHandler Enterprise™, is the most up-to-date and user-friendly policy administration system on the market.

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Adapted for Both Large and Small Companies, No Matter the Size

Our software is designed to help your business, no matter the size, manage workers’ compensation claims efficiently.

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Automation Features and Workflow Modules

The software is packed with automation features and workflow modules to help streamline your policy administration process.

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Full Suite of Support Services

In addition to this, we offer a full suite of support services to help you transfer data, train your staff, and stay up-to-date with the latest features and security updates. Our team at JW Software, Inc. is fully committed to each of our clients and aims to provide a 100% satisfactory experience when using our software or when contacting our support team.

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User Group

We also include all of our clients in our User Group, which allows our clients to be directly involved with new feature requests for new releases.

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Key FeaturesComplete Policy Management Solutions 

Our workers' compensation administration software supports the full life cycle of a policy. It was designed to be efficient and easily understandable, with as few steps between processes to manage the policy. 

Loss Costs, Rating Variables, and Templates

Loss Costs, Rating Variables, and Templates

Rating Variables

The integration of user-definable rating elements with a customizable rating engine supports jurisdictional premium algorithms.

Loss Costs

An importation of loss cost tables provides for easy, yearly rate changes.

Quoting and Billing

Quoting and Billing


Logical functionality streamlines the quote-to-issuance workflow. “One-click” copying of quotes allows for re-use of data previously entered and makes creation of multiple, alternate versions of submissions easy, increasing production and shortening turn-around time frames.


The billing module offers both direct and agency billing, including a scheduling tool that allows defined premium payment amounts and frequencies. Additional features include self-report and installment bill processing, past due processing, and billing reports.

Audits and Emailing Capabilites

Audits and Emailing Capabilities


An auditing assignment module sends audit requests to third parties via e-mail. Auditors may login to the system via the internet and review the requested policy, but also manage their existing workload of audits previously assigned.

Emailing Capabilities

Emailing capabilities are available throughout the entire system for sending and receiving mail within the policy file.

Renewals and Security

Renewals and Security


PolicyHandler Enterprise’s™ Business Rules Engine can automate a user-defined policy workflow process by applying a number of days prior to expiration, as well as routing rules. The results are system renewal quote creation with notification to the underwriting staff for review and analysis of the policy’s premium and loss history.


Designed for HIPAA compliance, this tool streamlines administration while maintaining the highest level of data security.

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Streamline & Automate Workflow Tools

PolicyHandler Enterprise™ has several tools available to help streamline and automate workflows during policy administration. These tools, including business rules, diaries, and various correspondence tools help to make your business more efficient and easier to manage. Look below at what some of these tools can do.

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Business Rules

PolicyHandler Enterprise™ currently offers business rules to automate workflow. Based on a qualifying action in PolicyHandler Enterprise™, each business rule triggers either one or a combination of user defined actions.

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Diary functions provide a comprehensive tool that allows users to track tasks and monitor policy-related activities in two key components: The Diary Audit Page and the Policy Diary page.

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Correspondence Modules

An integrated tool for the generation of policy-related documentation. Any correspondence that has been generated is tracked in the database and stored at the policy level.

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An internal messaging tool allowing PolicyHandler Enterprise™ users to communicate within the system to enhance workflows and increase production.

Support SolutionsIndustry Leading Services

JW Software's skilled professionals and customer service excellence are what accounts for our Industry Leading Services. We take great pride in our unparalleled support services to ensure quality customer training and proficient product updates. We have developers on staff, focused on delivering a product that works specifically for your business. Look below at some of the support services we offer our clients.

Software Training

Software Training

Included with the JW Software Support and Maintenance is unlimited phone, web, and remote training and support. All training and support are handled by the JW support experts at our St. Louis, Missouri based headquarters.

*On-site training is available for an additional charge.

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Project Implementation

Project Implementation

Our team at JW Software uses a proven template for our implementation process. We have found that a properly planned implementation process is key to having an efficient transition. This process includes 6 phases and has helped our team install software for over 200 clients with a 100% success rate. Ask our experts about our project implementation services.

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The FileHandler Enterprise™ and PolicyHandler Enterprise™ are kept up to date with the latest features and industry standards, as well as, the latest efficiency enhancements. The solutions also organically evolve to meet the changing needs of the marketplace through user feedback and suggestions that are obtained at the JW Software User Group.

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Manage and Close Claims

Manage claims, process payments to parties or vendors, and provide advanced reporting necessary to manage your business - no matter the size of your company or business.


Streamline the Policy Life Cycle

PolicyHandler Enterprise's capabilities include data-driven rating tools, quoting, automated renewal processes, billing, and optional workflow tools while staying up-to-date with the latest policy tools.

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