4 Ways Claim Organizations Can Improve Productivity and Outcomes

Many claims administrators are facing more significant claim challenges and escalating claims costs. These challenges and rising claim costs impact productivity and profitability. Technological advances in claims management help managers and adjusters handle claims with speed and accuracy. With workflow automation, streamlined processes, and enhanced analytics, claims errors are reduced, claims productivity improves, and new methods for managers to analyze adjuster productivity open up. Here are 4 Ways claim organizations can improve productivity and outcomes.

1. Improve Productivity Amidst a Changing Workforce

Keeping employee productivity up throughout the claims process can be difficult, especially if you are working with employees with different experience levels. Regardless of experience, your employees must be able to handle proper workloads. FileHandler Enterprise is specifically designed to streamline those adjuster workloads. With FileHandler Enterprise™, adjusters can refine workflows, reduce disruptions in the claim cycle, and help claims adjusters properly mitigate claims. FileHandler Enterprise™ can help you solve efficiency issues, disruptions, and workflow problems throughout the claim cycle.

2. Workflow Automation Helps Achieve Higher Job Satisfaction and User Experience

Processing a claim is a costly, complex, and labor-intensive process that involves multiple parties, systems, and concerns. Current offline claims processes are prone to disruptions and errors, potentially increasing costs. Adding automation into your current claim cycle can help increase output with less manual interaction throughout the cycle. With FileHandler Enterprise™, adjusters can utilize built-in automation and business rules, workflow systems, and built-in email capabilities to streamline the claims process. From the first contact through to a completed claim, our system allows you to reduce costs, labor, and errors through one streamlined interface. Learn more about FileHandler Enterprise™ by clicking the button below.

FileHandler Enterprise™

3. Save Time Streamlining Standardized Processes

Many claim organizations still heavily rely on paper and physical records for the claims process. Each claim generates a heavy volume of content, correspondence, and files sent and received. In addition to this, task assignments, document images, and billing are all usually stored in separate systems. Streamlining these systems and tasks can allow you to reach work quicker with more accurate information.

FileHandler Enterprise™ streamlines document access and transmission through our FH Document Imaging tool. Claim managers and adjusters may scan and attach multiple-page documents directly to the claim file. This includes attaching medical bills to checks and payable records, witness statements attached to witnesses, and court documents to litigation parties. Our software removes the need for physical file storage and organization.

4. Respond Accurately and Promptly with Enhanced Intake of Incident Data

Improve the efficiency of data intake from the start with claim automation for better incident data. The longer it takes to receive data, events, and other collateral from the field, the more expensive the claim becomes. Gather incident data directly from the field with our First Notice of Loss intake form, which is available on any device, for faster reporting and improved data integrity. With prompt incident reporting, claims may be accurately reported on for closing claims quicker and reducing claim costs.

Moving to FileHandler Enterprise™ Improves Your Productivity

JW Software can help you increase productivity and reduce errors in your claims' management process with the help of FileHandler Enterprise™, our enterprise-grade claims management system. Learn more about FileHandler Enterprise™ or request a demo by contacting our team.


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