4 Reasons why 'cutting-edge' agencies were better prepared for COVID-19

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Cutting-edge’ agencies are advancing past ‘outdated’ operations in the COVID-19 era. 

It is not too late. If you feel like your agency is slipping fast, you may be right.

Change was gaining momentum before, but COVID-19 has put that change in high-gear. 

Once more, it is not too late.

However, if you slip into the pre-pandemic mindset of most agencies, it will be. That agency mindset caused a big gap in agency performance because they knew the world was changing but did little about it. Consequently, agencies found themselves blindsided.

While the pandemic was hard to predict, the tools to succeed were assembled in front of the industry – eager to be chosen.

Extraordinarily, some agencies did and are proactively planning.

These agencies chose these tools not to prepare for a pandemic, but to make their agency better overall. You can choose them too!

Here are four reasons ‘cutting-edge’ insurance agencies were better prepared for COVID-19. These four reasons are why these agencies are surpassing ahead while so many others are busy digging their way out of the mud. 

  1. Cutting – Edge agencies are more flexible

For the cutting-edge agency, it is adapt or sink. Without a crystal ball, no one can say what the future of the agency will be. However, the true willingness for the future of the agency must be more flexible and adaptive to clients’ needs. Only the ones who can adapt and be flexible will survive.

  1. Cutting – Edge agencies were ready for remote

The idea of working remotely did not arise because of COVID-19, but it did bring to light its full potential. Remote access to the same tools and information that adjusters are used to having day-to-day is key. JW Software’s proprietary cloud-based the solution, FileHandler Enterprise, is a comprehensive, multi-line claims management software accessible for agency adjusters via workplace or remote desktop. 

  1. Cutting – Edge agencies invested in technology

Efficiency profits are often the first reasoning for investing in new technology, but during this pandemic, the software has an even bigger purpose. Under normal circumstances a policy holder’s zip code is just another field in a spreadsheet, now it is vital information that protects adjusters in the field and the policyholders they serve. Many insurers are proactively flagging at-risk zip codes so as not to send or expose an adjuster to a rising area of cases. Ensure employees stay connected to up-to-date client and policy information through virtually connected devices, allowing them to reach and service clients regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Cutting – Edge agencies stay connected to clients during crisis

Fear of the unknown causes anxious customers and cutting-edge agencies want to stay connected during times of crisis to deliver some assurance. Cutting-edge agencies are faster. They have the right tools; they have the culture to support the use of those tools and support the speed of the needed change. Digital technology helps create new methods of doing business and enabling all of us to navigate this uncertain time together. Let FileHandler Enterprise connect you remotely to critical application data and safeguard your most important assets, your relationship with loyal customers and employees. 

Let FileHandler Enterprise better prepare your agency today!

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