Strategic Adaptability Plans Capture Customer Value


The insurance industry is constantly dealing with fluctuations due to disasters and disruptions due to outside factors such as cyber-attacks, pandemics, and natural disasters. Operational inefficiencies and sudden influx of claim loads can overload the adjuster and increase customer dissatisfaction. Claims not settled within a month show a 30% decrease in customer satisfaction. Strategic adaptability plans within your business ensure that regardless of the industry disruptor, you have a plan to ensure your business thrives and your customers are satisfied. 

Claims management in specific industries fluctuates as disaster strikes. Without a strategic adaptability plan and a system that allows for it, disruptors and disasters can be challenging to navigate when there is a significant increase in claims, such as during disasters. If your company is not equipped to handle the sudden influx of adjusters, claims, and anxious customers that demand rapid communication responses, your company can expect decreased consumer value and damage the customer relationship. 

Bringing on adjusters in times of disaster to help work claims means your business needs a claims system that is user-friendly and intuitive with workflow tools. A claims management system that is not only easy to navigate but keeps users on task with an intelligent, integrated calendar, which in turn prevents adjusters from overscheduling their time and keeping them on track. With the integrated navigation panel, adjusters can actively track their work and use their time more effectively to remain on task. Effective workflow tools, such as the ability to have multiple claim files open where the system automatically maintains the user's place on each individual file, even while navigating between files. Also allowing for easy adjustment of users within the system utilizing a sliding scale to meet your business's fluctuating needs.

A scalable claims management system with necessary tools allows businesses to quickly implement strategic adaptability plans, such as temporarily onboarding adjusters to manage the influx of claims and help navigate the disaster. Tools such as an integrated FNOL portal allow the customer to upload photos and incident documentation- i.e., before and after photos, descriptions of the incident or loss, and additional documents and details. The First Notice of Loss Portal provides customers with direct view-only access to the system to track status, run reports, and feel more involved in the claims process.

Automated communication within a claims system ensures that the customer is kept informed as the claim is processed. With an influx of claims from disasters, customers have a higher need for reassurances, as well as increased communication needs. The system allows for closing critical communication gaps by automating and utilizing templates for ease of communication. 

Claims management software that integrates communication platforms such as email and text ensures that the adjusters and managers can stay in close contact with all relevant parties. In-system messaging, quick links and shared dashboards all ensure that adjusters can quickly communicate with co-workers, managers, and other system users. With all of the communication tools in the system, adjusters can have a faster and more fluid method of communicating with another system. Multiple forms of communication help adjusters and clients stay on track and informed, while also enhancing customer value, leading to expedited claims processing.  
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