Improve Customer Experience Through Enhanced Claims Processing

One of the most important interactions in your claims process is the direct interaction with your customers. Maintaining a great customer experience through increased claims processing speed can help your business retain and generate new customers.

Customers today are careful when choosing an insurer as customer satisfaction is a huge determinant for doing business. The focus on customer interaction and experience begins as early as the first notice of loss. Starting with a user-friendly and efficient experience for the insured helps them be more confident in the claims process.

Increasing Adjuster Accuracy and Claims Processing Speed

Increasing claims processing speed is one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction depends on several factors, including adjuster accuracy and timely reporting on customer claims. Starting at the first notice of loss, how quickly and professionally the adjuster’s manage policyholder’s claims is essential. The significance of efficient diary, note, email, and letter functionalities are high as each correspondence allots for the adjuster to accurately and timely report on the policyholder’s claim. Using a claims processing system, like FileHandler Enterprise, where enhanced automation tools help streamline adjuster workflows not only save claims handling time but can reduce costs as well. You can increase your customer satisfaction with more effective adjusters and enhanced reporting.

Why It Is Important to Manage Customer Experience

Managing your customer experience and improving your claims processing speed is the best way to ensure that your customers remain satisfied throughout the claims process. A poorly managed claims process can result in uninformed and unhappy customers. JW Software is committed to helping you do everything you can to maintain customer satisfaction. Our claims processing software FileHandler Enterprise™ is designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Several of our features including contact capabilities, claim diaries, and business automations can help you keep your customers informed throughout the claims process.

Opportunities to Improve Claims Processing Speed

Our claims processing software FileHandler Enterprise™ offers numerous features to help improve businesses process claims quickly. It enables your company to implement business automation that can generate customer contact at first notice, schedule diary updates, and send emails. With our business automation tools, FileHandler Enterprise™ will help you save time by streamlining standardized processes, allowing you to reach tasks more quickly with more accurate data.

Contact at First Notice

A critical time for the policyholder is at the first notice. The first interaction between the claimant and adjuster is crucial, and the claimant’s perception defines the level of customer satisfaction. With FileHandler Enterprise, adjusters can generate customer contact at first notice seamlessly and achieve satisfactory claimants.

Enhance Business Automation

FileHandler Enterprise™ features a standard set of automated business rules developed with our clients' input to improve the claims process and standardize the workflows required to process a claim. In addition to our standard automated business rules, we can help you develop business rules specifically tailored to your companies claims process. With our Business Rule Engine, users may add a business rule to any button in the system for more powerful workflows.

Emailing Functionality

Our software, FileHandler Enterprise™, features a fully integrated claim email that allows the user the ability to maintain communication directly from the claim file, as well as maintain a contact database within the application. Save time on administrative tasks and automate emails to claimants to improve the customer’s overall experience.

Diary Functionality

Our claims' management software helps you improve workflows with scheduled notices of essential tasks or updates about the claim via diaries. Notify claimants on time with accurate information at your fingertips with our comprehensive diary tool and monitor claim activities.

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