Customizable Business Solutions: Third-Party Integrations

Feeling overwhelmed processing claims in multiple applications? Let that claim's headache lead you to an innovative way of adjusting with third-party integrations. In the insurance technology industry, it is vital to have proper data management, management systems, and security access. Utilizing all your data within one application through third-party integrations is an innovative way to streamline the claims process.

JW Software understands that many self-insureds, third-party administrators, and carriers have various third-party systems for storing and managing data. We have built interfaces with hundreds of third-party systems and companies in the insurance market to provide our clients access to specialty data, services, and capabilities in their claims management and policy management systems. Our partnerships and integrations change the way you process claims. FileHandler Enterprise™ can help you manage all your insurance claims data at the touch of a button.

The Importance of Having Flexibility and Customizations in a Saas Product

To stay ahead of the claims tech curve, insurance solutions must be easily adaptable and flexible to meet customer demands. To meet this demand, technology shifts. JW Software’s claims management system provides the flexibility and customization needed to support the changing workforce. FileHandler Enterprise is designed to access your data from a variety of databases within one application. Accessing your data regardless of the device can revolutionize how handle claims and workers’ compensation policies.

Why Third-party Integrations Are Essential in Claims Management

Our third-party integrations revolutionize how FileHandler Enterprise and PolicyHandler Enterprise™ can help you manage insurance claims and workers’ compensation policies. With your data all-in-one system, claims management teams can streamline the claims process with precision and speed. Our third-party integrations also support all aspects of the claims and policy management process, allowing adjusters and underwriters to focus on customers rather than data. Third-party integrations are essential to the claims and policy management system because we help provide value-added services to help your business succeed.

How FileHandler Enterprise™ Redefines Claims Management Third-party Integrations

FileHandler Enterprise™ offers a variety of third-party integrations for systems of all kinds. For example, we offer integrations with Accounting, Medical Bill Review, Pharmacy Bill Review, Human Resources Systems, Payroll Systems, ISO ClaimSearch, ACH with Banking, Carriers, Policy Systems, TPA’s, and more.

Our third-party integrations focus on providing value-added services that cover data transfer and services that set your business apart from the rest.

Custom Integrations with FileHandler™ Enterprise

FileHandler Enterprise ensures our software works well with various preexisting systems. Our team can help create customized third-party integrations for your preexisting systems. JW Software has built interfaces with hundreds of third-party systems in the market to help our clients access specialty data, services, and capabilities in their claims' management software. These include ISO ClaimSearch, state systems, insurance management systems, and more. If you have a system that does not have a standard third-party integration, we can help develop one that integrates with FileHandler Enterprise™ and your workflows.

Our Third-party Vendors

Our third-party vendor partnerships and integrations can help you revolutionize how you process data throughout the claims process.

Workers Compensation

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PolicyHandler Enterprise's capabilities include data-driven rating tools, quoting, automated renewal processes, billing, and optional workflow tools while staying up-to-date with the latest policy tools.

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