APIs and Your Claim Process
Published 5.22.2023

APIs, or an application programming interface, play a crucial role in enabling software systems to work together. APIs allow for fostering communication and connectivity between systems, while allowing developers the ability to build complex applications by leveraging the functionality provided by other systems and bringing value to your business's process.

 Integrating APIs into a claims management system (CMS) such as FileHandler Enterprise can provide several essential benefits to your businesses claims process. 

One important factor is that APIs enable seamless data exchange between the CMS and external systems or services. For example, CMS’s like FileHandler Enterprise allow an insurance company's platform to integrate with external data providers, such as financial institutions or Medical Bill Review platforms, to obtain relevant information for processing claims. This integration allows for efficient and automated data retrieval, improving the accuracy and speed of claim processing.

 Integrating APIs enables a CMS to automate various tasks and processes. For instance, FHE's APIs can connect with third-party payment gateways or banking systems to facilitate automated claim payments or house auto-payment data. This streamlines the payment process and reduces manual intervention, improving operational efficiency, human error and adding cost savings.

APIs can also provide access to external services or platforms that offer specialized analytics and fraud detection tools. Insurers can leverage advanced algorithms and data analysis tools to make more informed decisions by integrating such APIs into a claims management system. This can help detect fraudulent claims, evaluate risks, and optimize claim settlement strategies.

 With APIs, CMSs can easily integrate with new or existing systems, services, or platforms. This flexibility enables insurers to adapt and scale their operations without significant disruptions or rework. For example, if an insurance company wants to add a new service provider for generating state specific workers compensation forms like workerscompensation.com, an API would make a call to get information from that system and provide a seamless user experience all withing the FileHandler Enterprise Platform.

 Integrating external systems or services through an API offers additional features or functionality, empowering insurers to customize and personalize their CMS according to their specific needs. Integrating APIs from systems like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms can provide access to customer data, enabling personalized claim handling and better customer service.

Integrating APIs into a CMS enhances its capabilities, improves efficiency, and allows for seamless integration with external systems and services. This integration promotes automation, data exchange, and decision-making, ultimately leading to a more robust and effective claims management process.

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FileHandler Enterprise's API capabilities are utilized to customize each Client's claims management process. Our system offers a universal API option, allowing users to ensure that their CMS operates efficiently for their unique claims process. During our Demo, we walk you through the claims process and discuss any APIs needed to streamline your claims system. Talk to us today to schedule your free Demo and find out how we can help your business operate efficiently.


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