3 Ways to Advoid Claims Management Burnout

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The hope is for an effortless claim and speedy settlement, but that is not always the case. As adjusters deal with multiple parties they are at the mercy of the client and any third parties. Thus, they cannot move forward with the claim until all involved parties submit the necessary documents and information. Consequently, this can end in upset clients with overworked and stressed-out adjusters. Adjusters rarely receive the appreciation they deserve. Besides helping settle the claims, adjusters also detect fraud, find means to reduce claim costs, and more.

Common complaints of claim professionals revolve around inconsistent schedules and the need to do more with limited resources.

All the while, claim adjusters are working heavy caseloads full of paperwork and administrative pains where the job is endless and full of burnout. Let alone the everyday tasks of investigating claims, settling claims, providing industry-leading customer service, and looking out for the best interest of their employers are on the rise.

With each of these tasks come long and hard hours of high stress.

However, the right claims management solution can streamline and automate these administrative tasks involved in managing and processing claims. Consequently, this will free up adjuster time to be more productive for their sake and the sake of their employer.

According to Cooper's research, meaningful work arises when "an individual perceives an authentic connection between work and a broader transcendent life purpose beyond the self."" As for claims management, this may apply to the overall performance of the organization or claim professionals helping those parties impacted by a claim.

Claim professionals who may spend time understanding claim trends that may help save future claimants are more likely to feel intellectually involved than those stuck administering. In addition, when adjusters are allowed the capability and authority to give claimants the proper care, adjusters feel more valuable.

Besides offering claimants needed guidance during the claim process, adjusters can better serve their claim organizations' interests as well. Claim adjusters may retain customers through enhanced relationships, and they can reduce claim costs by interfering earlier — such as before claimants are upset, turn to litigation, or add unnecessary care, and costs pile up.

Claim professional tools make a significant difference in the overall management and administration of claims and job satisfaction. Many claims systems are bogged down with their antiquated approaches that do not streamline efficient workflows for claim adjusters.

Investing in claims technology that streamlines as well as automates workflows help claims adjusters increase efficiency and ease in the claims process to alleviate stress with unnecessary work.

By creating a better user experience for adjusters, FileHandler Enterprise helps keep top talent in your claims organizations. As the market has a high demand for mobile app usage, we deliver an equally efficient user experience for adjusters with our claims management solution. For example, our solution implements business automation that can assign tasks, run scheduled reports, confirm coverages, and generate customer contact at first notice. Our business automation helps you save time by streamlining standardized processes, allowing you to reach work quicker with more accurate information.

How claims management technology helps adjusters avoid burnout

Claims management technology's ability to streamline and automate a vast majority of the claims administration and management process and facilitate intuitive claims analysis, supports claims adjusters' needs for a more meaningful and work-life balance.

Additionally, because claims management technology streamlines and automates so many claims processes, it reduces the amount of time spent training new employees on administrative tasks like reporting the first notice of injuries, running scheduled reports, or processing payments.

Saving adjuster time means younger employees may focus on specific work areas. Specifically, studying predictive and prioritizing outlier claims that become costly or fraudulent, accurately estimating return to work, or investigating and detecting general claims trends that impede a business.

Claim organizations that desire to retain customers long-term should invest in claims technology for both a better adjuster experience and claimant experience.

Thus, this experience will build stronger relationships and optimal customer service where an emphasis of higher value is put on the claims adjuster. Not to mention prioritizing job satisfaction levels of the claims adjusters where adjuster burnout is prioritized.

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