JW Software Launches FileHandler Enterprise 3.0

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FileHandler Enterprise 3.0 is HERE

We are excited to announce that FileHandler Enterprise 3.0 is now available! This major update enables customers to effectively automate administrative tasks and better manage claims management workflows while maintaining the original features of the current FileHandler Application. Additionally, the RMIS enhancement to FileHandler Enterprise is another major update that enables clients to manage risk by collecting and tracking insurance certificates. Clients may also manage risk by collecting and tracking insurance exposures. Each of these new enhancements facilitates a simplified and streamlined process to administer claims quickly and reduce costs. 

What is new with FileHandler Enterprise 3.0

At JW Software’s Annual User Group 2019, we received survey feedback on the current FileHandler Enterprise Application. We went through your suggested feedback and tried implementing as many of your requests as possible, and we hope we have accomplished that with FileHandler Enterprise 3.0.

FileHandler Enterprise 3.0 Includes:

  • Dashboard system – Live up to the minute graphical data with a redesign of the query builder, clicking on a claim link opens a claim in a new tab, several security improvements, and the ability to specify column(s) for claim links.
  • Client Specific Homepage – Create and specify a custom homepage in addition to the dashboard page. Users can specify a page with quick access links, a blank page, or a custom page that you create.
  • 100+ standard report templates that can be modified and scheduled to distribute automatically.
  • Guest FNOL Entry – All guests to enter an FNOL without logging on to the system.
  • Phrase Bank – Maintain a list of phrases that insert into notes and, or diaries. Phrases can also be associated with a specific user or left blank and available for all users. 
  • More powerful workflows with the updated Business Rule Engine – literally add a business rule to ANY button in the system.
  • RMIS Certificate Tracking – The RMIS enhancement to FHEnterprise enables clients to manage risk by collecting and tracking insurance certificates. Risk profiles are created that specify the requirements for different types of insureds. Insureds are entered and a risk profile is assigned to each insured. Certificates are obtained from the insured and are entered into the system. The system compares the certificate coverages with the risk profile to determine if there are any deficiencies. Emails are sent out to insureds when certificates are up for renewal or when deficiencies are present. The JW Certificate Tracking software makes this easy to manage and track all this information.
  • RMIS Exposure Tracking – The RMIS enhancement to FHEnterprise enables clients to manage risk by collecting and tracking insurance exposures. Create exposure types to generate location groups, assign values to each location group, and enter collection groups. Emails are sent out to Risk Managers when Collections data is pulled from email templates. Lastly, email templates pull data from the collected data and can easily be sent to Risk Managers. 

Want more features? Let us know what you want in the comments below!

Thank you for your support and, we hope you enjoy FileHandler Enterprise 3.0!

About JW Software

JW Software was started in 1989, as a software company designed to create custom business applications for small businesses in the St. Louis area. The company found a niche in the insurance industry, specifically Third-Party Administrators who needed Claims Management Software to manage their business needs and launched the claims management software. FileHandler™ has become a trusted software solution in the claims and risk management market for the past 32 years. JW Software is continuing its growth and evolution in 2021 with FileHandler Enterprise™, the newest claims management solution incorporating the newest technology and security to the system. FileHandler Enterprise™, the flagship claims management software and PolicyHandler, a complete Workers’ Compensation Policy Management System, have evolved to develop a comprehensive web-based software solution for businesses to effectively manage policies and insurance claims.



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