The Expansion

The transformation of JW Software’s headquarters was more than a construction project: It furthers the corporation’s mission and values, setting the course for the next generation of employees, and products to grow. The major components of the transformation project included the addition of 6 new office spaces, the addition of all new workstations, a new kitchen, additional employee bathroom, and a second conference room.

“JW Software chose to grow where it originated because of Missouri’s close proximity to its client base, the availability of business-friendly initiatives like the Missouri works program, and because the ample talent pool of information technology candidates from local Missouri universities provide the ideal location for a customized software solutions business.”

Missouri Department of Economic Growth
Focusing on the Workforce

As JW Software, Inc. has prospered, it has invested heavily in its workforce. Its very impressive just how much JW Software has grown, both in physical size and workforce. The company is still actively hiring for several positions and does not anticipate a slowdown. With a strong focus on employment, JW Software Management is working on a wide variety of company projects.

“The transformation of the JW headquarters will advance the companies mission while creating a more collaborative and welcoming workspace, with a blossoming work culutre.”

Patrick Woodling Creative Director of JW Software, Inc.

In addition to the growth of the JW Software Office footprint, JW Software also invested in 3000sq ft. workout facility to offer a wellness program to improve employee health, and morale. The on-premise facility is equipped with circuit training equipment, free weight systems, and cross training equipment as well as offering personalized yoga sessions, group cycling, a cross-fit program and group workouts through with a local trainer.

“The goal is to hopefully improve employees’ health, lower their health care costs, and possibly increase their productivity, and also provide company family and friends access to a close workout facility and classes.”

Jim Wieland President of JW Software, Inc

Tech Growth in Missouri

The Milken Institute’s 2016 State Technology and Science Index shows that Missouri ranked third in average yearly growth of high-tech industries from 2010 to 2015. In 2016, Missouri ranked 28 out of 50. Two years prior, Missouri ranked 34 out of 50. In 2012, Missouri ranked 29 out of 50. These scores are based on several factors: human capital investment, research and development, risk capital, technology and science workforce, and technology concentration.

About JW Software

JW Software, Inc. is a software firm focused on the development and support of product-based Insurance Technology Solutions with a specific emphasis on software systems that support end-to-end Policy & Claims Administration.

JW Software, Inc. provides FileHandler, a .NET, multi-line, browser-based Claims Administration System designed to manage claims for TPAs, Carriers, Self-Insured Entities, Municipalities, Risk Pools, etc. FileHandler is backed by a company with over 25 years of experience in the RMIS marketplace and the system has been strategically designed to enhance our client’s current processes and improve productivity through its diverse functionality and dynamic reporting tools.


Manage and Close Claims

Manage claims, process payments to parties or vendors, and provide advanced reporting necessary to manage your business - no matter the size of your company or business.


Streamline the Policy Life Cycle

PolicyHandler Enterprise's capabilities include data-driven rating tools, quoting, automated renewal processes, billing, and optional workflow tools while staying up-to-date with the latest policy tools.

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