Scalability and improved productivity are essential to Self-Funded Groups. Our Workers' Comp Policy Administration software, PolicyHandler Enterprise, and our claims management software, FileHandler Enterprise, streamline workflow through business automation, customizable notifications, and live task panels. Our goal is to improve efficiency while expediting business processes, saving your business time and money. 
Each software boasts user-friendly capabilities such as:

  • Live Dashboards
  • Task Panels
  • Autofill Letter and Email Templates
  • Business Automation

PolicyHandler Enterprise

As a Self-Funded group, we understand that your goal is optimal functionality and customization features. Designed for any market, we help your business streamline policy administration. Built into PolicyHandler Enterprise are user-driven customization options such as:

  • Lost cost table
  • Rating variable  
  • Customizable rating engine

A summary screen during the renewal process shows the loss ratio from past losses, ensuring that the policy and premiums are the most accurate for your Self-Funded Group. 

FileHander Enterprise 

Our agile-customizable claims management software ensures that your claims process is organized and efficient from first notice of loss to closure. FileHandler Enterprise is a user-friendly software that focuses on intuitive workflow, expediting the claims process. 

  • Assign and Manage Claim Adjusters
  • Setting Best Practices for Reserves
  • Track Injury Recovery
  •  Increase Communication


Both FileHandler Enterprise and PolicyHandler Enterprise are backed with a full suite of support. From the first point of contact to implementation and support service, we walk your team through the process, helping determine which customization is needed and your team through the implementation process. 

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To find out more, contact our experts, and we can provide you with a live demo of both PolicyHandler Enterprise and FileHandler Enterprise so you can see them in action. Reach our experts by calling 314-843-5950 or filing out the form below.


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Manage and Close Claims

Manage claims, process payments to parties or vendors, and provide advanced reporting necessary to manage your business - no matter the size of your company or business.


Streamline the Policy Life Cycle

PolicyHandler Enterprise's capabilities include data-driven rating tools, quoting, automated renewal processes, billing, and optional workflow tools while staying up-to-date with the latest policy tools.

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