Insurance Broker

   JW Software developed our claims administration software, FileHandler Enterprise™, to efficiently manage a wide range of insurance claims, including Auto, Property, Workers' Compensation, General Liability, etc. We understand that a large part of Insurance Broker’s process includes facilitating communication between the customer and the insurer, and our software closes those gaps. With built-in letter and e-mail templates that autofill claim-specific data, communication can be customized with business automation, simplifying essential administrative tasks. 

Our software streamlines administrative tasks with business automation, designed to simplify claims tracking. In addition, our all-in-one software offers efficiency tools and custom reporting to make the most of data. Including:

  • Full Cycle Claims Tracking
  • First Notice of Loss Access for Your Customers
  • Provide Real-Time Dashboard 
  • Report Builder

Comprehensive Data Capturing

Insurance Brokers need a comprehensive customer database and records to facilitate communication and claims tracking for their customers. Our claims management software has video and photo attachment capabilities and policy linking to ensure your business has the most thorough record of your customer. 

FileHandler Enterprise utilizes private cloud hosting to ensure your data is secure. Our data center maintains certifications and compliance with standards and regulations, with Hot-site DR and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

Risk Assessment

 With our integrated Risk Management Information System or RIMIS system, risk assessment is centralized with values tracking, location maintenance, and certificate tracking, allowing Insurance Brokers to talk to your customers about risk management strategies. 

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If you are an Insurance Broker, contact our experts, we can provide you with a live demo of our software so that you can see it in action. You can reach our experts by calling 314-843-5950 or filling out our form below.


Manage and Close Claims

Manage claims, process payments to parties or vendors, and provide advanced reporting necessary to manage your business - no matter the size of your company or business.


Streamline the Policy Life Cycle

PolicyHandler Enterprise's capabilities include data-driven rating tools, quoting, automated renewal processes, billing, and optional workflow tools while staying up-to-date with the latest policy tools.

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