FileHandler™ is a comprehensive claims management software application that has evolved with technology, to be a fit in the claims management market for over 25 years. FileHandler claims administration tool helps manage insurance claims for workers’ compensation, auto, general liability, and property & casualty.

The Gold Standard in Claims Software


•Web Reporting Module
•Custom Check Stock Module
•Document Imaging Module
•Accounts Payable Interface
•Human Resource Interface
•Medical Bill Review Interface


•ISO ClaimSearch Interface
•Positive Pay Interface
•PBM: Pharmacy Module
•ACH: Automatic Clearing House
•Payment Combination
•Office of Foreign Assests Control

The Benchmark of Service & Support!


JW Software offers unlimited phone and web-based training and support, at no additional charge for our clients. All training and support is handled by JW support experts from our St. Louis, Missouri based Headquarters. *On-site training for our clients is also available. *Additional charges may apply.

Project Implementation

JW Software utilizes a standard template for the implementation process. This process includes six major phases: Identification, Design, Development, Testing/Validation, Production, and Post-Product. This methodology has helped JW Software implement over 200 clients over with a 100% success rate.


PolicyHandler and FileHandler software are updated each year with at least one major and several minor releases. All JW Software clients are members of our User Group and help to decide the new features included in the major release.

Data Conversion

We have converted over 200+ systems with a 100% success rate. Our experience provides extensive knowledge in database structures and data relationships in the industry.

Software & Hardware Requirements

Web Application Server

The FileHandler application is installed on this server. The application will establish connections to a separate database server. For best performance, the application server should not house additional web applications, databases, email systems or other resource-intensive applications.

•Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 recommended.

• Filehandler is currently a 32-bit application. The application will also run on the 64-bit version of Windows 2012 R2.

•.NET framework version 3.5.1 required.

• 8 gigabytes of RAM recommended/Intel Xeon processors recommended.

• 40 gigabytes of drive space.

Database Server

All claims management data will be stored in a database on this machine.

• Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 recommended.

• 8 gigabytes of RAM recommended/Intel Xeon processors reccomended.

• RAID 5 hard disk array recommended.

• Disk space requirements vary based on an organization’s workflow. Typical organizations should have between 20 to 80 gigabytes of available storage on a dedicated server.

• Microsoft SQL Server version SQL 2012 reccomended, or Oracle version 9i or higher database engine with the appropriate number of user licenses applied.

Client Workstations

Users manage claims through the web browsers at their workstations. Processor speed and memory have less impact at the workstations than at the servers. However, a typical workstation might consist of:

• Sufficient memory and processor speed to have several screens open simultaneously, including multiple browser screens, MS Office applications, email and/or a PDF reader.

• Common internet browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari, etc.


• Your Information Systems staff must establish a reliable backup routine for the  FileHandler database.

Additional Notes:

• A Microsoft Exchange server is required if FileHandler’s email management service is installed.

• FileHandler operates on Microsoft networks.

• To save on the time and resources involved with maintaining this environment, consider our secure application hosting service.

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JW Software, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to providing the best claims management software system to the market since 1989. FileHandler Enterprise, PolicyHandler, and our customized solutions have helped our customers manage their business needs for over 28 years.

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