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Automating Claim Workflows

Successfully Automating Claim Workflows

Looking to streamline data directly into the claim file? With FileHandler Enterprise, users can easily automate claim workflows with our 50 + Business Rules.

With the insurtech market vastly growing, technology innovations are continuously designed to help the current insurance standard become more efficient. Claims management software like FileHandler Enterprise is a fundamental component to helping process insurance claims easier, smarter, and faster.

FileHandler Enterprise offers claim adjusters means to improve claims processing while reducing claims cycle times. By implementing business automation, companies can assign tasks, run scheduled reports, confirm coverage, and generate customer contact at first notice. Our 50 + business automation rules help users save time by streamlining standardized processes, allowing you to reach work quicker with more accurate data.

Discover how user-friendly and customizable workflows are for an improved and efficient claims management solution.

Enhancing Claim Automation

FileHandler Enterprise offers over 50+ standard business automation rules to streamline your claims management processes. With FileHandler Enterprise, adjusters can streamline the claims process through business rules or triggers to automatically complete an action in the system to help streamline business workflows and activities. FileHandler Enterprise has a standard set of business rule templates that can be used to accomplish a wide variety of activities such as:

  • E-mail - a specific person or group of people are notified via e-mail with appropriate attachments (see correspondence)
  • Diary notification - a specific person or group of people is notified via a diary.
  • Note entry - a pre-defined note is entered into the claim file.
  • Correspondence - a piece of customized or standardized communication is generated and either attached to an e-mail, claim file, or both.
  • Automated Reserve - a client-defined reserve type and amount are set based on a qualifying action.

In addition to the standard business rules, FileHandler Enterprise offers customizable workflows and scheduled actions. From creating tasks to automating workflows, the business rules will increase the efficiency of your team. Attach a business rule to virtually any button in the system and automatically generate emails, letters, reports, diaries, notifications, or notes on the completion of a task.

Get Started Automating Your Claim Process with FileHandler Enterprise

Learn more about how your team can automate your claim workflows and optimize your claims process. Schedule a demo today for a walkthrough of FileHandler Enterprise and its business rules for claims automation. Schedule a demo today for a walkthrough of FileHandler Enterprise and its business rules for claims automation. You can reach us by calling 314-843-5950 or clicking the button below to fill out our online form.

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