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Keep your Customers Informed with Intuitive Analytics and Reporting

Utilize our claims processing software FileHandler EnterpriseTM to dive deeper into claims data and close claims quickly with real-time access.

Effectively managing the claims cycle means measuring all aspects of the claims process from start to finish. Without proper data management and reporting, your claims process is missing out on valuable information that can help you save money and increase efficiency. Using automated claims software like FileHandler EnterpriseTM can help you close claims quickly with real-time data access and report dashboards.

Whether you are looking to optimize your claims process or gain more insight into what is going on, your claims processing software needs to track, record, and analyze your claims metrics. Including time to close, claims in process, claims acceptance rates, and much more. Without this data, you cannot effectively manage your claims process.

How FileHandler EnterpriseTM can Help you Manage your Claims Process with In-depth Reporting

Our claims software FileHandler EnterpriseTM has a fully customizable dashboard and reporting system that can help you take claims management to the next level. Check out the key reporting features that set our software apart from everyone else.

1. Dashboard System:

As a manager, you must have access to the data you need to manage your team effectively. FileHandler EnterpriseTM offers custom dashboards that can give you the information you need and only the data you want. Our dashboard system gives you live, up to the minute, graphical data as your home screen dashboard. With this, you gain visibility into what your team is doing first thing in the morning.

2. 100+ Standard Report Templates:

We have years of experience working with claims managers across several industries, including insurance brokers, third party administrators, risk pools, and more. With this experience, we have created over 100 standard report templates, including loss runs, claim list reports, 1099 reports, OSHA and safety analysis reports, and more. These reports can be generated in a variety of formats, including .pdf, Xls, CSV, or RTF file types.

3. Customizable Screens:

FileHandler EnterpriseTM offers customizable screens and layout tools designed to meet your business needs with our custom report builder. Generating custom reports for your company can help you gain access to and visualize the data you need to run your business. Separate from the standardized reports we offer, our custom report builder and custom screens allow you to take a deep dive into the data to track what you need to be successful.

4. Exportable Reports:

Reporting is only useful if you can share the reports you generate. Other claims processing software offers limited reporting functionalities with no way to share or export those reports for use outside of the software. Our claims processing software FileHandler EnterpriseTM can help you share your reports outside of our software by exporting them to various file formats, including MS Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, and PNG.

5. JW Report Scheduler:

Our report scheduling system allows you to schedule the generation of reports for any period, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Batch schedule reports to automatically run and then email to a distribution list with our JW Report Scheduler.

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JW Software can help you optimize your claims management process through in-depth reporting and analytics today. Our software FileHandler EnterpriseTM is a fully equipped and capable claims processing software that can take your company to the next level. To get an in-depth look at our reporting system, schedule a demo with our experts by contacting us online.

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