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Claims Communication With FileHandler Enterprise

FileHandler Enterprise Opens Claims Communication

Our team at JW Software understands that one of the most essential aspects of the claims process is communication. Good claim communication can help speed up the claims process and reduce errors. FileHandler Enterprise is equipped with several features and built-in automation that can help claimants, adjusters, or other members of your team communicate easier. FileHandler Enterprise includes a built-in messenger to communicate on claims, automation to facilitate client contact, and claim notes and dairies to help notify adjusters of important tasks or specific updates about a claim. These forms of communication, whether internal or external, help make processing claims more efficient and accurate.

Inter-office Communication

Staying in contact with other adjusters and claims managers on your team is essential. FileHandler Enterprise’s built-in messaging functionality does just that. The built-in messenger is claim-specific, it allows adjusters to message each other about specific claims for clarification on payments, ISO ClaimSearch navigation, litigation details, and much more. When a user receives a message on a claim, they are notified via the task panel and may select the message to be taken directly to the claim. With this, your employees may quickly address issues and answer questions on a specific claim.

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Customer Communication

FileHandler Enterprise features a fully integrated claim email system that allows users the ability to keep communication through various stages of the claims process. From first notice to the end of the claims cycle, you can create templated emails that automatically request documentation, update your client on their claim, and save your employee’s valuable time. Today, customers expect to be informed quickly and regularly. Our software FileHandler Enterprise can help keep user communication up to date.

Expanding Communication Through Notes and Diaries

Keep user communication productive with FileHandler Enterprise’s claim notes and diary functionality. Schedule notices of important tasks or updates on the claim and keep users informed. From doctor notes to receiving payments, you can capture the claim in great detail improving workflow and saving time.

These features were specifically designed to boost claim communication and the accuracy of tracking a claim’s progress over time. They serve as a place to take small notes on claims and assign quick future claim tasks. Providing claim specific notes with user assignment allows for an ongoing organization of claims from start to finish.

FileHandler Enterprise Leads to Better Communication

Enhance your claims management process with FileHandler Enterprise's streamlined forms of communication. Utilize FileHandler Enterprise's built-in messenger, email functionality, claim notes, or diaries to improve claims processing and reduce claims cycle times.

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