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Project Implementation

JW Software firmly believes that a successful partnership with a technology vendor doesn’t rest solely on the technology alone. We have found through our 31-plus years of implementing Claims and Policy solutions that people, processes, and a well formulated methodology are the keys to a successful Software Implementation.

Implementation with JW Software

Implementation is a core competency for JW Software. Over the past 31 years, we have implemented claims management solutions and policy administration software for over 200 clients with a 100% success rate. JW Software utilizes a 6-stage implementation process:

  1. Identification – identify, define, and clarify client needs and expectations

  2. Design - Design specifications and Data Conversions

  3. Development - Develop any custom requirements, codes, and reports

  4. Testing and Validation - Review, Test, Train, and Prove modifications and interfaces

  5. Production - Verify usage of customizations and GOLive with Production System

  6. Post-Production - Establish Update and Maintenance plan for future releases. Also, establish support procedures and plans for continued efficiency.

Contact Our Experts Today To Learn More About Our Project Implementation Process

If you would like to learn more about the implementation process you can call 314-843-5950. To send an email click the Implementation Question link below:

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