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Vendor Partner & Third Party Integrations

Being able to utilize all of your data within one application, to create a complete claim profile from start to finish, is a priceless way to streamline the process. The best way to simplify the process is to incorporate 3rd party tools and partners into the claims system.

JW Software has built interfaces with hundreds of third-party systems and companies in the market in order to provide our client partners access to specialty data, services, and capabilities in their claims management and policy management systems.

Our vendor partnerships and third-party integrations revolutionalize the way that FileHandler EnterpriseTM and PolicyHandlerTM can help you manage insurance claims and workers' compensation policies.

  • Help businesses navigate complex data with precision and speed
  • Support all aspects of the claims and policy management process
  • Allow you to focus on your customers rather than data
  • Provide value-added services to help your business succeed

JW Software is Proud to Partner with the Following Industry-leading Professionals To Bring Further Support