Help Your Business by Switching to Automated Claims Processing

The insurance and risk management industries are currently heading toward a digital shake-up. As more customers are using new technologies such as smart homes, artificial intelligence assistants, and more intelligent phones, they expect more out of the products and services they use. However, this expectation is not limited to just smarter products; customers are looking for fast and streamlined experiences in all aspects of their life.

What does this mean for the claims processing and risk management industries? Customers are looking for a quicker claims process when dealing with an insurance or risk management claim. Having an accurate and efficient claims process can lead to happier customers and a positive reputation for your company.

Manual claims processing is no longer able to keep up with customer claims' demand and complexities. Many companies are automating their systems to increase efficiency and accuracy in their claims' management process.

5 Benefits of Switching to Automated Claims Processing

Claims management software like FileHandler Enterprise offers a full range of features such as document management, task automation, integrated billing, and more. These features make the claims process more straightforward and save you money by reducing the need for human intervention. Let us take a closer look at some of the best benefits you could see by switching to FileHandler Enterprise™, our claims processing software.

1. Simplified Diary Auditing

FileHandler Enterprise™ tracks and records all user activity on claims, creating clear audit trails for supervisors. For instance, our diary audit page is designed to provide users a snapshot of all diaries that are due across the afflicted claim files. The Diary audit also serves as a comprehensive auditing tool for supervisors, providing them a real-time view of all their adjuster’s workloads.

2. Enhanced Reporting

Claims processing software like FileHandler Enterprise™ helps users generate rich visuals that suit specific needs. With user customizable screens, layouts, and reports, users may modify the look and feel of any report to meet their business needs perfectly. In addition, reports may be exported to enable you to easily share those reports in various formats, including MS Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, and PNG. Start building reports that help your business effectively manage the claims' management process.

3. Reduced Physical Storage Space

With FileHandler Enterprise™ you can cut physical storage space and reduce company costs with our claims processing software’s ability to use electronic archives. Utilize our document manager to upload electronic attachments and organize attachments in our archive images to better manage claims more efficiently.

4. Better Automation Built for Claims Management

FileHandler Enterprise™ has several business automation rules that can assign tasks, run scheduled reports, confirm coverage, and generate customer contacts on first notice. There are over 50 built in business rules to help you automate your claims process. In addition to this, you can add customized business rules to handle specific tasks that your company needs to optimize your claims' management process.

5. Improved Customer Experience

Having a satisfactory customer experience can be challenging with manual claims processing. With more automation, better file storage, accurate reporting, automated customer contacts, and quicker claims, FileHandler Enterprise™ will leave you with more satisfied customers. In addition to this, having a more efficient claims process means more productive adjusters and reduced costs.

Get Started Automating Your Claims Processing Software

JW Software can help you start automating your claims process. Our software FileHandler Enterprise™ is a fully equipped and capable claims processing software that can take your company to the next level. To get started, you can request a full walkthrough and demo of our software to see how it can benefit your company. You can also learn more about FileHandler Enterprise™ by scheduling a demo below with our experts.


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