Benefits of Going Paperless In Claims Management

In today’s claims management market, implementing a paperless claims' management system can be seen as an unattainable target. Most claim professionals hesitate to move because of disruption and difficulty when it is easier to stay with their antiquated workflows.  

Fortunately, moving to FileHandler Enterprise and our paperless claims environment comes with several benefits for claims professionals: 

Enhanced Document Depository 

Because of technology today, users and claims managers are demanding faster answers, more information, and better accuracy in every aspect of their life. The benefit of a paperless claims management system, like FileHandler Enterprise™, is access to a robust document management tool designed to help facilitate better electronic document storage. Claim managers may retrieve, store, view, and search through claim documents and attachments electronically. 

Saving Costs

With a paperless claims system, the time spent within the claims cycle is substantially reduced as adjusters have the needed information to process claims efficiently at their fingertips. With less time spent on claims processing, your team increases the savings amount for salaried time spent on each claim. Insurers are also able to make more informed decisions on each claim incurring lower claim costs.  

Real-time Transparency 

With FileHandler Enterprise connecting organizational operations across departments, adjusters can rely on a transparent and efficient claims management environment that improves business operations. No longer will time zones or locations be a conflicting factor in the claims handling process. Adjusters have a constant, real-time view of claims with additional support, including task management, the input of pre-defined data, and streamlined workflows.  

Transition to a Paperless Claims Management System Today

Working with FileHandler Enterprise™ allows you to automate claim actions with business rules to help streamline the claims process. In addition to this with our document imaging system you can automate the collection and association of legal documents, proof of payment, and other images with specific claims. This keeps your documents stored properly and associated with the correct claims.

FileHandler Enterprise™ can help you transition your claims management department onto a paperless claims management system. Save time and reduce errors with document editing, exporting, and attaching. Fill out the form below to schedule a free demo of FileHandler Enterprise™.


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